POW Percussion



Pulse and POW Percussion are hosting a Drum-a-Thon from February 12 – 14. The fundraiser is the perfect way to support members of the ensemble pay their tuition. We now… Read more >

Pulse Percussion’s Board of Directors


Pulse Percussion, Inc. is proud to introduce the Board of Directors: President Danielle Collins, Secretary Chris Cowling, Treasurer Pat Tousley, Rob Tousley, Doug Steinmetz, Angela Tousely, Peter Lucero, Matt Lackey and,… Read more >

The Pulse and POW Percussion Directors


Pulse Percussion, Inc. is proud to announce the administrative teams for Pulse and POW Percussion! Matt Lackey, Executive Director Matt Lackey is a media producer and performing arts educator with… Read more >

Floors and Props for Sale


Pulse and POW Percussion are selling their floors and props from previous seasons. Behind a Warped Lens Floor used by Pulse Percussion 2015 $1,500 Floor size: 90 by 48 The… Read more >

POW Percussion Staff Announcement


Introducing the design and instructional staff for POW Percussion 2016! Robert Bowen, Ensemble/Staff Coordinator This is Roberts 3rd year on staff with POW. He was the drill designer the first two… Read more >