Performance Opportunities



Pulse and POW Percussion are competitive ensembles, participating in events hosted locally by the Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) and nationally by Winter Guard International (WGI) Sport of the Arts. These events combine music, movement, and props into a theatrical production performed in a gymnasium. From January to April the ensemble competes against other indoor percussion ensembles.


Pulse Percussion Ensemble was founded in the fall of 2004 under the umbrella of Impulse Youth Arts Association by Caleb Rothe, Ike Jackson and Ken McGrath. In 2010 Pulse became independently run as Pulse Percussion, Inc. Pulse Percussion is a three time World Champion and has medaled seven times the last eight years. The ensemble has been a World Class finalist every year since its start in 2005.

POW percussion started as “Pulse Open” its first year receiving the bronze medal in the independent Open class. The next season the ensemble was promoted to World Class and was a finalist its first year - hence the name “Pulse Open World,” POW. The ensemble has remained in the world class division ever since.


2017: WGI Bronze, SCPA Silver
2016: WGI Gold, SCPA Silver
2015: WGI Bronze, SCPA Silver
2014: WGI Gold, SCPA Gold
2013: WGI 5th Place, SCPA Silver
2012: WGI Bronze, SCPA Silver
2011: WGI Bronze, SCPA Silver
2010: WGI Gold, SCPA Gold
2009: WGI 4th, SCPA Silver
2008: WGI 12th Place (with show delay penalty), SCPA Silver
2007: WGI 8th Place, SCPA Silver
2006: WGI 8th Place,
2005: WGI 9th Place, SCPA Bronze


2017 PIW: WGI 11th Place, SCPA 4th
2016 PIW: WGI 13th Place, SCPA 4th
2015 PIW: WGI 12th Place, SCPA 4th
2014 PIW: WGI 10th Place, SCPA Bronze
2013 PIW: WGI 17th Place (11th before timing penalty), SCPA Bronze
2012 PIW: WGI 10th place, SCPA Bronze
2011 PIO: WGI Bronze, SCPA Gold