Pulse Percussion’s Board of Directors


Pulse Percussion, Inc. is proud to introduce the Board of Directors: President Danielle Collins, Secretary Chris Cowling, Treasurer Pat Tousley, Rob Tousley, Doug Steinmetz, Angela Tousely, Peter Lucero, Matt Lackey and,… Read more >

The Pulse and POW Percussion Directors


Pulse Percussion, Inc. is proud to announce the administrative teams for Pulse and POW Percussion! Matt Lackey, Executive Director Matt Lackey is a media producer and performing arts educator with… Read more >

Floors and Props for Sale


Pulse and POW Percussion are selling their floors and props from previous seasons. Behind a Warped Lens Floor used by Pulse Percussion 2015 $1,500 Floor size: 90 by 48 The… Read more >

POW Percussion Staff Announcement


Introducing the design and instructional staff for POW Percussion 2016! Robert Bowen, Ensemble/Staff Coordinator This is Roberts 3rd year on staff with POW. He was the drill designer the first two… Read more >

Pulse Percussion Staff Announcement


Pulse Percussion is excited to announce the design and instructional staff for the 2016 season!   John Mapes, Program Coordinator, Battery and Visual Designer This is John’s 9th year on… Read more >

Pulse and POW Percussion Auditions

Greg Powers

Pulse and POW Percussion auditions will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20. Details and registration will be announced soon.