Pulse Percussion, Inc. is excited to announce Digital Performance Gear (DPG) as the official digital partner of Pulse Percussion. In 2016 two time WGI World Champion Pulse Percussion and perennial WGI Finalist POW Percussion will perform exclusively using DPG floors and props.

Digital Performance Gear is setting the new standard for fully customizable performing arts products including uniforms, floors, props and accessories. With nearly 15 years of experience including marching band, winter guard, and indoor drum line show design and instruction, DPG brings imagination to reality with a design crew of talented professionals and artists.

“We are extremely excited to partner with an organization like Pulse who achieves obvious success while staying strongly committed to providing amazing experiences for young people.” – Ryan Bybee, Owner, Digital Performance Gear

“Ryan is a dedicated member of the pageantry community. Our staff and members look forward to sharing DPG’s creations.” –Matthew Lackey, Executive Director, Pulse Percussion, Inc.