Pulse Percussion, Inc. is excited to announce Pageantry Innovations to the Pulse family. In 2016 two time WGI World Champion Pulse Percussion will perform using Pageantry Innovations mixer, speaker and keyboard carts and accessories.

Since 2012 Pageantry Innovations has been providing industry-leading craftsmanship specializing in custom design and fabrication for the pageantry arts. Pageantry Innovations staff includes music teachers, designers, instructors and performers. 

“We’re pleased to partner with Pulse Percussion for the 2016 season. Their high energy productions seamlessly blend world class design with a vivid electronic soundscape. As Pageantry Innovations strives to develop cutting edge products, Pulse continues to be a global influence to launch the competitive marching activity forward.” -Kyle Mattevi, President, Pageantry Innovations

“Pageantry Innovations is setting the standard for quality by actively participating in the activity. Their designs, simply, get competitive marching arts. We are excited to welcome them to the Pulse family.” –Matthew Lackey, Executive Director, Pulse Percussion, Inc.